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Mohammed Zahzah known as Zahzah, is an aspiring music producer, performer, sound designer and film composer.

Zahzah is currently studying jazz guitar and classical clarinet and will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music technology, specialized in composition for film and video game.
In 2014, he started his career, as an electro-acoustic performer with his band khayal. Two of their most notable shows were held at Masrah Al Madina and Monot theater. In addition, Zahzah is part of the LAU mosaic ensemble, an ensemble directed by Dr. Martin Loyato. Some of their most notable performances were Vadis Quo, an experimental interdisciplinary show with audiovisual interaction and 3D projections.

During that time, he got to grow his network and started producing music for other artists and
in 2016, he started sound designing for theater in lau and composing for films and commercials.
Zahzah is currently working on his first future releases and performances, few of them is an oriental experimental ep with his band khayal, a duo album with Dr. Martin Loyato and a major production with the LAU Mosaic ensemble called ‘’I Am not a terrorist’’.

Zahzah joined Per-vurt DJ & Music Production school in 2017, giving Ableton Live Performance Class and Specialist MIDI Controllerism Courses

Per-vurt Presents Ableton Live Performance and Push 2

Per-vurt DJ & Music Production School Presents Ableton Live Performance and Push 2. A Course Developed and Designed By Per-vurt's Moe Zahzah To Have You Capture, Record, Perform, Edit, Automate, Mix, Master, Launch, Sequence, Arrange, Play, and Be In Control of Your Clips and Creations.

Posted by Per-vurt on Monday, July 3, 2017