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    Per-vurt Music Technology Store has been appointed "official and authorized dealer" for the world's top DJ and Music Production Brands such as Native Instruments, M-Audio, Novation, Pioneer, Ableton, IK Multimedia, sE Electronics, AKG, KRK, Akai, Numark and others ...
    Supported by Lebanon's top DJs and Producers, Per-vurt has been their main supplier, advisor, and dealer.

    The store has been named "WonderWorld For DJs and Producers" as they can find everything they need to start their Production, Recording, or Dj Studio, from a wide range of products signed by the top brands in the world, for the best prices, with credit facilities and friendly less formal interaction, not to miss the professional customer support and the expert relationship management.

    Starting a Home Studio or a Pro one is no longer a problem, as we are here to leave none for you. Products from the top brands are classified by price range. You cannot afford to buy "X" Keyboard Controller? Well, we can offer you "Y" and "Z" from the same brand or similar one, having the same preferences or similar ones.

    Not only we can offer you hardware, but also sofware! Per-vurt registered "Pimp My PC" service offers a great solutiuon for Producers' nightmares as we take your computer, and turn it into a Music Production Workstation, installing VST Instruments, VST Effects, Sample DVDs, and software based tools in the most organized way.
    Thinking of buying a PC or Laptop for your DJ or Production work? Per-vurt professional I.T team can build a customized PC dedicated for Music and then turn it into a DAW, and deliver it back to you ready to go... Turn it on, and start Producing !!!

    Studio Furniture? Room Acoustic? Room Isolation? Box-In-The-Box? Wood-Work? Deco-Work?
    Yes, yes ... Surely, we do !

    How do we do it?
    Our Music Technology Store and Showroom welcomes you from Monday till Saturday; Along with our expert team, you can check our products on the spot and choose what is best for you, or you can provide us with your budget, and we can study an offer that suits you the most.

    What do we offer:

    * DJ & Studio Equipment / Music Technology Store
    * Acoustic Solution / Music Technology Store
    * Digital Audio Workstation DAW (VSTi, VST, Sample Libraries...) / Pimp My PC Service
    * Customized Music Worstations / Pimp My PC Service
    * Corporate Music Installation / Corporate Deals and Installation
    * Technical Support and Consultancy

    Contact us HERE, we would be glad to help you with your DJ & Studio Installation

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