Per-vurt / Studio Photo Album

Per-vurt Studio is structured and well designed in a way to have 3 areas:

1- A Music Production "Island" with easy access to analog synthesizers, drum machines, effect units, and digital controllers all plugged to midi and audio patch bays. This area is where we shoot our shows "G.GOES LIVE", and do our "A Day With" Workshops
2- A sliding smart DJ Booth with high tech equipments from the analog and digital worlds such as multiplayers, vinyl players, and midi controllers. This is where we give "DJ Courses", rent out the space for practicing, and also shoot our "Per-vurt Sessions" Live DJ Mixes,
3- The Music Production School area that has 4 fully equipped stations, one for each student, all linked to the main projector and mixer. This area is also used to shoot jamming sessions featuring mini-bands and digital performers

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