"G-Mohris is not to be assessed simply as a talented dj/producer,credible and consistent studio owner, but a synthesis of multiple forces in music that makes him the accomplished man he is today. His qualities not to be labeled monochromes but rather an amalgam of talent,consistency and humanistic perspective. multiple forces that shaped the art of music in lebanon. His body of work and tentalizing achievements continue to be a major influence in the music industry to this day. Thank you for the standout gift you have bestowed on all of us my friend.."
Roy Malakian
Radio One / The Pulse

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Roy Malakian was born on January 12th, 1982 to a Lebanese-Armenian father and a Lebanese mother.At only fifteen years of age, he started listening to refined rock music for notoriously reputed bands the likes of Eloy, Porcupine Tree & Pink Floyd to name a few.Not forgetting the rock sounds he grew up on, he intermingled into house tunes and acquired a turntable on which he began spattering his pa ssion for music. In 2003, his debut as a deejay at Lebanon's number One Radio One,was very quickly followed a few years later,by his syndicated show "THE PULSE" which remains to this day one of the most popular radio shows in Lebanon.

From Beirut's beach resorts and clubs, he expanded into Europe's finest clubs, perceiving the relentless flow of interaction between him and the crowd as each piece of music is seamlessly mixed. His gigs now evolve in Lebanon's beach resorts and discothèques,massive events such as Tiesto's after hours in Lebanon, Sied Van Riel,Beirut's Peace Parade, Danjo, George Acosta and more to come. Based on this success, Roy Malakian came to a decision to consume more time on productions, and is now releasing tracks based on years of musical experience. Released on mistiquemusic label, ''Solitary Soldier'' his track, found at Beatport and supported by Paul Oakenfold and praised by many other artists from the global underground music world. Most recently, Roy Malakian's Solitary Soldier has reached the Top 10 of the RA charts

For the past decade Roy has performed in several events and beach parties all over Europe notably in Greece,Italy, Spain and Belgium amongst others.. The thrust continues with bookings from different countries all over the world for Roy Malakian,most recently featured at the Smirnoff Exchange Program in Thailand,as he continues to pound tunes that move him and move others. In early 2011, Roy will be releasing several tracks, one of which will feature the talented American artist Marcie Joy,who had hosted Roy on her show:- "Marcie presents Behind The Lyric"- all the way from Boston,Massachusetts in the United States. Currently featured on his show "THE PULSE" every saturday night, on Lebanon's Radio One, Paul Oakenfold who delivers an episode of his own selected tracks, as well as Roger Shah and Eddie halliwell, followed by Roy Malakian and his latest selected underground and Progressive house sounds.

Highlights of his show- "The Pulse" can be heard every saturday night on Radio One 105.5 and 105.1FM in Lebanon,as well as numerous worldwide fm stations and online radios. Furthermore and in addition to being hosted himself on multiple global radio stations, Roy Malakian has featured on The Pulse many international and well respected artists the likes of: Judge Jules, Chris Fortier, Sultan,Danjo, MarcusSchulz, Fred Numf, Thomas Gold and more. Roy Malakian releases weekly sessions of his carefully selected songs,put into "episodes", and available online for downloads.