Per-vurt / Live Sessions

We at Per-vurt DJ & Music Production School Have Launched This New Project, a Series of Weekly Live Video Mixes, With Monthly Guest Appearances by Lebanon's Top Established DJs, Giving Our Students and Upcoming Bedroom Artists the Platform to be Noticed Locally and Internationally, Playing a Non-Stop 1 Hour Mix of Their Finest Selections, to a Much Wider Crowd, The Online World.

The show is filmed using 2 fixed HD GoPro’s and one DSLR moving camera, professional cinematography light system, and high quality audio recorders, in a state of art studio fully equipped with the latest technologies, and acoustically treated for club sounding environment. The video is skillfully edited, with cut through transitions, color correction, color grading, and synced with the Mastered audio version recorded through Ableton Live. Opening Logos with the name of the student, tags, and a nice introduction are all added to the post.

The aim of this show is to sponsor-promote you via our marketing campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube) to reach tens of thousands of people through targeted ads. We upload the full HD Video (2GB-4GB) to our Facebook Page and YouTube Playlist, where people can watch you play for them on full screen, whether for their house parties or on display at coffee shops or social clubs, just like we will start doing on our own store front, displaying your mixes on 52’ LCD. We will also render a 1 minute Instagram demo video, and upload your 320Kbs mix onto our Soundcloud Playlist for free download. There are no restrictions to what genre you choose to play, however we are more oriented towards Electronic Dance Music, from Deep House, NuDisco, Funk, to Tech House, Progressive, and Techno …

This is your Video biography and Demo Mix, start building your fan base as promoters will have an eye on you, watch you play, listen to you, and feel your vibes on the decks. Be part of this campaign, Contact Us for More Info & Bookings.

Download The Audio Version Here For Free, Share to Support, Leave Feedback, Much Love !

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