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Karim Nehme mostly known as Kay N, was born in Beirut, Lebanon. At the age of seven, Alternative Rock seemed to be the start but he wasn't fully satisfied with it, influenced by Dubfire – Glitter - Alex Bau – Umek - Pablo Bolivar and Oliver Huntermann, he found himself more in Electronic Music. Then he decided to develop his fledgling talent and his music library by filling it with the world's greatest underground sounds. In a very short time, Karim was able to cultivate all the necessary information about Electronic Dance Music.

Per-vurt Music Shop, more precisely the very famous G-Mohris deepened his passion in music by continuously exposing him to more tracks, but that wasn’t enough. In order to play well, you need to learn well and learning from the best was the essential necessity. Per-vurt provided him with the theories, the art of mixing, and the best DJ techniques which assured his success and great achievements. He improved and showed great interest and then passed the course with G-Mohris. Later on, Karim was asked to play at a party thrown by a friend. “What pleased me the most was the non-stop dancing party monsters, for it's their happiness that comes first.” he said. In addition to his DJ career, Karim is aiming for a degree in business studies. Karim started tutoring at Per-vurt DJ School in December 2010 after earning the DJ Mastered Certificate. On the other hand, he's an Organizer/Promoter in the clubbing business and event management.

That was the humble start of a promising talent. Shortly, his entourage became supportive fans and pushed him into playing alongside with the best DJs in town to feed the Lebanese night life the music it never tasted. Every beat entering the heart of those on the dance floor and intensifying the heat, this is what true music is about and Kay N has got it all. Finally he joyfully admits "I was born with a dream and I'm sure that one day with the support and help of my great friend G-Mohris who has most influenced me, I will fulfill it.”
Enlarging the scope of his work, Kay N was a DJ guest on 6 different radio stations in Europe and Canada such as XLTRAX Main Station, FRESH FM, KING FM, CLUB RADIO. Locally, he was DJ guest on NRJ Lebanon in the "Groove With Dio" show.