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Jason Kaakoush |

Snatching the 'Franco Elektro' DJ competition's first prize (Jeux de la Francophonie, 2009), Jason Kaakoush is the sole owner of Alain Crevoisier's Future Instruments, 'Airplane'.
Due to the unique global sound that Jason Kaakoush delivers, his set 'GLUE MY SHOE' was selected by James Zabiela to participate in the London Heats for the Tid:Pro DJ Skills competition during December 2011.

Joining the MixFM Lebanon DJ list during summer 2012, Jason Kaakoush introduces MixFM’s latest addition to the weekend shows. Truth Or Dare hosts DJs from around the globe introducing secret weapon artists.

In 2015, Jason Kaakoush moved to London to pursue his Audio Engineering degree at SAE and later released his first EP followed by another in 2016 that hit #1 on multiple Beatport charts. Upon completing his degree, he is currently recording and producing his first LP album which will soon be released in 2017.

Jason joined Per-vurt DJ & Music Production School as one of the main tutors, teaching "Back2Basics" DJ Course