Our Customized Gift Cards With Special Discounts !!! SHARE IT IF YOU WOULD LIKE THAT YOUR BELOVED ONES CONSIDER IT

Confused about what to gift your beloved DJs, Producers, and Musicians? Wondering if they would like your gift or not? or whether they already have something similar to what you have bought them?

This year Per-vurt DJ & Music Production School, Music Technology Store, and Recording Studio, offers its special customized Gift Cards with special discounts, designed and presented in the coolest way to insure that your giftee chooses his own gift among hundreds of items we display, or can use it to apply for a course at our school, or even to book our studios for sessions recording.

Cards come in 50$, 100$, 200$, 300$ and 500$. They can be customized based on your request. Your beloved name can be printed on the back of the card as well (See below example).

Gift Cards will be on Sale starting December 2015, and will always be available on demand. As mentioned earlier, our Gift Cards are fully customizable, and can exclude Christmas Icons, or include your own logos, emoticons, or designs for other occasions such as Birthdays.

Reserve your card now by calling us at 03733156 (Monday to Saturday between 1pm and 8pm)

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This card can buy you the following:

- DJ & Music Production Equipments
- DJ Courses
- Music Production Courses
- Studio Recording Sessions
- Pimp My PC Service
- DJ Room Rental

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Posted by Per-vurt on Thursday, November 26, 2015