Per-vurt / FAQ
  • General

  • 1- What are your working hours/days?
    The store opens from Monday to Saturday from 11:30am till 9pm
    2- Do you have another branch?
    We do not have another branch
    3- When was Per-vurt founded?
    Per-vurt was founded in 2006
    4- Where is Per-vurt located?
    Beirut, Hamra, Lyon Street
    Check the MAP Here
    5- Who designed this website?
    Per-vurt Designs is a line under the mother company. We deisgn, host and manage websites and facebook pages.

  • DJ & Music Production School

  • 1- When was the school launched?
    Per-vurt DJ School was launched in 2007
    2- How are the courses given?
    Courses are given in 3 ways: Private, Shared Classes, and Online
    3- What makes your school stand out?
    Our DJ School is the only registered, qualified, and certified school in Lebanon and the region. Per-vurt has exported to the scene many of the top ranked DJs who have radio and club residencies. Our School is supported and recommended by the top DJs in Lebanon (check the DJ School and Music Production School page for official testimonials). Per-vurt has been featured by respected local and international press media such as LBCI, Time Out, The Financial Times, Tagged, Al Nahar, Academics, Trashed, DJ Mag, Mix Fm, NRJ, Radio One and so many others .. (Click Here to go to "Why Us" Page). The most imteresting trait in our school is that we give the courses in Scientific ways from a producer point of view so not only the students learn about mixing, but have a theoretical explanation about music production itself, arrangements, and track structures, all under a detailed course syllabus. Knowing something and teaching it is something else. This is why we have spent over 12 months studying course syllabuses and hierarchy. We teach the students what they exactly need to start DJ'ing and Producing Electronic Dance Music with its underground sub-styles; We do not make our students lose time and money on topics they do not wish to learn about. We have been in the music industry since 1999, we know exactly what we are doing and how we are doing it! Our Project is not only a school but an extensive multifaceted music empire, with class A Record Labels, established Radio Show, a DJ Booking Agency, and many other lines. Check us out by visiting the Menu page
    4- Who teaches me?
    Instructors are: G-Mohris, Kay N, Alex, DJules
    5- How many students can fit in each class?
    Maximum of 4 Students per class
    6- Are there any afternoon/night shift classes?
    Yes. We schedule Private Sessions accroding to the student's preferences. Classes are scheduled on 2 shifts; Noon And Night. Most shared classes start between 6PM and 7.30PM)
    7- What are your school policies?
    Our School policies are simple; Coming late is on the students' expense. Missing a class without a 24h prior notice will also be on the students' expense. Students cannot bring their friends or family members with them to the class. Payment Dues should be on time, otherwise the student cannot attend and will miss class.
    8- Why can't I register for this course?
    Some courses need a pre requisite course(s), in other words, Advanced Courses are open after the Beginner course(s) is complete.
    9- How long should I wait before starting a shared class course?
    Usually shared classes are open on a monthly rotation. The first applicant is to wait for a maximum of 40 days before starting the course, so that the class is full of a maximum of 3 students. If by that period no one registers, he will be lucky to have the course given to him in Private for the same price. Note that the 40 days countdown starts after the applicants pays the registration fees
    10- Do I earn a certificate after I complete my course?
    Upon completion of each course, students will receive a letter of completion signed and stamped. A certificate is only granted to students who apply for and complete the DJ or Production Certificate Programs.
    11- Can I still earn a professional or master certificate if I take separate courses?
    Sure; Separate Courses are credited; you can combine and complete courses required for a Certificate Program anytime you want, and by then you can earn a Certificate. However, applying for a Certificate Program is less costy, and takes a more interesting flow and approach than applying for separate individual courses.
    12- Can I start working as a DJ right after I complete my course?
    One of the most important traits of our school is that the courses are guaranteed, meaning that you can start DJ'ing anywhere after completing the course. However, we do not recommend to start a career right after finishing a course. Note that your performance is 70% less efficient live than inside your room as a beginner. We recommend to complete a minimum of 20 practicing sessions before appearing live. Our DJ Room rental program could be your best way for your practicing experience.
    13- Can I sample a session before I enroll?
    Our courses follow a course syllabus and hierarchy, starting from intro lessons and reaching more advanced ones. So sampling a course is not possible and can give you no clear image about the course. The best way to know more about the courses, is to look into the course syllabus found on each course page.
    14- Can I bring someone with me to class?
    15- Do you offer payment facilities?
    We do offer payment facilities depending on which course or program you apply for. 2 payments credit facility is offered to most DJ courses. Music Production Courses have monthly diferred payments.
    16- Can I cancel a course and get a refund after registration?
    After registration, canceling a course is not possible, and registration fees will not be returned.
    17- I have no music background, can I still register?
    Of course! Our DJ Courses are given in the most advanced ways accompanied with High Tech Mixing Tools such as Mixed In Key to help you harmonize your mixing flows and avoid Key Clash Mixes. Our Music Production Courses also include basic Music Theory lessons specialized for the computer musicians.
    18- How does the Online Course work?
    Our Online School is open for people who live outside Lebanon. Online Courses are Private. Students book their sessions each time according to their free time. Sessions are given at Night or in the Morning. No Classes are offered between 12pm and 9pm (Lebanon Time). We use Skype to share our screen and the student's screen, we also use Team Viewer for that same purpose. Music Production Courses are very easy to be taken online, since the teacher and the student will be sharing the same screen, and having their projects shared via DropBox
    19- Can I take any course Online?
    Online Courses are open to specific courses and not to all the courses. When browsing the courses pages, a note is included in the course description mentioning the availibility of that course in Online version or not.
    20- I am not an amateur DJ/Producer; can I start with the Advanced Courses?
    Our courses are given based on our own Mixing & Production theories (which will be published in G-Mohris own book sometime in the near future) So we believe that whatever you know before you enter our school is one thing, and what we will teach you is something else. Advanced DJ Courses cannot be applied for without completing their pre requisites, however, Advanced Production Courses can be applied for without completing pre requisites, under 2 conditions: that the student books an evaluation session first to evaluate his knowledge, and that the course be given in private and not as shared class.
    21- Does Per-vurt help me find a job after I complete my course?
    Only students who complete the Dj or Production Certificate Programs are entitled to join Per-vurt DJ Booking Agency; Established Talented Producers are also to be spotted by our Redord Labels giving them the chance to sign and release with us and be noticed worldwide
    22- I live outside Lebanon; can you help me get a visa?
    Unfortunately we cannot help you get a Visa, for complicated security reasons
    23- Do I need to buy DJ/Production equipments while taking the course?
    It is always better to have a small Home Studio wherein you can practice and apply whatever taken during the course sessions. Note that Music Production is mostly about practicing and applying. Also note that we are the top qualified and official DJ and Production Gear Shop in Lebanon, officially dealing for the top brands in the world. As a student, you can benefit from a student discount
    24- I need to get new samples and VSTs, can Per-vurt provide me with that?
    Of course. With a huge database of 10+ Terrabytes of Data, you can always find whatever you need. Note that Music Production Courses come with free material. For more info check our DAW, VST Store and our Pimp My PC service.
    25- Do you sell DJ/Production Equipments and Software?
    Of Course. We are the top qualified and official DJ & Music Production Gear Shop in Lebanon officially dealing for the top brands in the world. Our store is supported and recommended by the top DJs in Lenanon
    26- What genres of music do you teach?
    Mainly we teach Electronic Dance Music. Specialist courses are also available for specific genres. Check our Music Production Course List
    27- How can I join your label/agency?
    Established Production studernts are spotted by our Record Labels. Our Advanced DJs are entitled to join the DJ Booking Agency. Follow the links and communicate with us via the contact pages
    28- I am coming to Lebanon for only 2 weeks, is there any intensive course for me?
    Intensive Courses can only be given in Private. However such courses have higher fees for they require extra tutor's attendance
    29- What do you mean by "Courses are guaranteed"?
    Each Course at the school is subject to a minimum of one evaluation session where we make sure the student completed all course titles. The evaluation session must meet the objective otherwise the student will be given as much extra sessions as possible, for free, to achieve the course objectives. No student will be granted a letter of completion or certificate before we are 101% sure he can perform in a professional way. Our reputation being the most qualified school in Lebanon is what we work hard to maintain.
    30- I applied for a course via your website, what should i do next?
    After sending your application via our website, you need to send us a cash deposit of at least 20% of the course fees so that your application can be active. You can send us by Western Union or you can drop by the school and deliver hand to hand.

  • Recording Studio

  • 1- I am a singer and I want a producer to produce a track for me, is that possible?
    It is possible of course!
    2- I need a jingle; can you produce one for me?
    Yes; We deal with many professional Voice Over Agencies from UK, USA, Australia, and France. For more info please contact us Here
    3- I want to record more than 5 tracks; is there any offer you provide?
    Yes; For more info please contact us Here

  • Music Technology Store

  • 1- What brands do you officially deal for?
    We officially deal for the world's top Brands: Native Instruments, Pioneer, Novation, M-Audio & Avid, Akai, Aerial7, ReLoop, DeckSaver, Behringer, Ableton, sE Electronics, KRK
    2- Do you offer a guarantee/warrantee for the item I am purchasing?
    We offer Guarantee & Warrantee both limited but to electrical shock/short and physical damage
    3- Is there any payment facility?
    Yes we do offer payment facilities for a maximum of 3 month depending on the product
    4- Do you offer customer support after I purchase a product?
    Of Course, however we do not "Teach" for free. Customer support is limited to software and hardware troubleshoot, advises and guidance.
    5- Can I test the product before I buy it?
    Some of our products are displayed in our Music Technology Store. Those displayed can be tested. However those which are not displayed cannot be tested except after they are purchased. A defected item is surely to be replaced on the spot
    6- Can I return a product I bought and ask for a refund?
    Only items purchased as a gift and which hold a gift receipt can be replaced within one week under one condition that the product is unsealed. No refund is granted
    7- I lost my original software serial number and license key, how can I get a new one?
    Product Registration on the brand company website is the best way for you to redeem a new license key since only the mother company can grant such support. Communicate with the brand official support team via email, and they will be more than happy to serve you. We cannot process a license key to you
    8- I don't know how to use the software; can you teach me how to do so?
    Of Course; You can check our DJ Courses or our Production Courses and book your course via Online Registration or phone
    9- How can I pre-order an upcoming product?
    Contact us Here and list the upcoming product you wish to order from the Brands we deal for

  • The DJ Room

  • 1- Can I bring my friends to the Dj Room?
    Yes! However, a maximum of 3 people can accompany you. No Smoking, No Food, No Alcohol
    2- Can I record my mix?
    Yes you can via our workstations. You don't need to bring your own soundcard unless you need to. We can also master your mix and give it to you on a CD, or on a flash disk
    3- Can I rent the DJ Room anytime I want?
    Our DJ Room is always busy since it is the only DJ Room in Lebanon wherin you can practice mixing in a club atmosphere with no interruption. For that, you need to book the DJ Room at least a day before
    4- What is the Dj Room Membership Card?
    The DJ Room Membership Card is a discount offer we grant to DJs asking to rent the room for more than 5 hours (Not necessarly at the same day). The more hours you book in advance, the greater the discount will be.
    5- Can I book less than 1 session?
    No! The minimum booking for our DJ Room is 1 hour.
    7- Can I bring my own controller with me?
    Sure! However, you can only use it on our workstation if we already have its software and driver installed, otherwise, ask us if it is possible to have your controller installed on our workstation. It is always better if you bring your own laptop with you in this case, for you will save time. Also note that the time required for you to set up your own controller on our workstation is on your own expense.

  • The Event Production House

  • 1- I am launching an event; can we rent sound and light system from Per-vurt?
    Yes! We install Sound & Light via our Event Management Line
    2- What event production services can Per-vurt provide?
    We provide Sound & Light installation, stage installation, Graphic Design work for your flyers, posters, and tickets ... For more info please check our Event Management section

  • The Radio Show

  • 1- Where can I download Per-vurt Sessions?
    You can download The Radio Show Per-vurt Sessions (Proton) for free via our Soundcloud Page
    2- I am a producer, how can I send you promos?
    You can send me your promos Here

  • The Record Labels

  • 1- What makes your labels stand out?
    Our Record Labels are well established labels selling on major online stores such as Beatport and iTunes. They are managed by Proton. The labels got into the official Top 100 many times and earned so many Beatport Official Banner and Release/Chart Features. The labels are directly in contact with and supported/played/charted by the world's top DJs and Producers such as Armin Van Buuren, John Digweed, Markus Schulz, Nick Warren, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, Mark Knight and so many others. Per-vurt Records has been on high ranked charts and have signed more than 3 licensing agreements with one of the world's biggest label Armin Van Buuren's own Armada, GU, Hope and others...
    2- I have an unsigned track, how can I send you a demo?
    Only Soundcloud Links are checked, use the Labels contact page to send us your demos. We receive more than 100 demos per week, give us up to one week to 10 days to reply to you otherwise know that the track doesn't fit in our label
    3- Where can I buy your labels releases?
    You can buy Per-vurt Records releases Here. Pink Pervs Releases Here. Vurtical Records releases Here. And you can find our releases on Juno, iTunes ...
    4- I own a label and I would like to license a track from your label, how can I do so?
    Please use the Labels contact page to send us your request

  • The Booking Agency

  • 1- I am a DJ; can I join your Agency?
    Please send us your enquiry Here. Please note that our Dj Booking Agency is not open to DJs who were not our own students
    2- Does the Agency work under exclusive contract with the DJs?
    No! We give the DJs freedom to also perform on their own, however DJs who are managed by us follow our exclusive management
    3- What benefits does the artist get from being managed by the Agency?
    Exclusively managed DJs benefit from our professional artist management. The Agency ensures that the DJ will be granted his rights, fees, technical rider, and that all his conditions be met. The Agency manages his contract with the promoter and all other technical and logistic matters. Managed DJs will benefit from the mass marketing campaign the agency delivers, and will be guided towards a professional and bright future career

    You can't find an answer to your question? Email us Here and we will get back to you as soon as possible