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Whether it is a wedding, a conference, a small private house party, an outdoor beach party, or even a big room event, Per-vurt Productions offers professional loudspeaker soundsystems, high tech visual art and light shows, stages, wedding installations and more. Equipped and installed by expert engineers, Per-vurt Productions Sound and Light Systems proved to be of a higher quality. Promoters and event organizers can now benefit from this line, and work with Per-vurt blindly. Prices for rental are very reasonable, and the services are very well managed.

Per-vurt Productions is also an event organizing and planning line. It started in 2005 with international Dj Bookings such as Snake Sedrick, Fred Baker, Leon Bolier, Joop, Ron Van Den Beuken, Greg Nash, Ignazzio, Hassan Rassmy and so many others, and was part of bigger events such as Steve Lawler, Marco V, Dubfire, Satoshie Tomiie... and it is now re-launching itself with a new concept: Label Nights.