Per-vurt / Corporate Music Management & Solution

Gyms, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Barber Shops, Beauty & Massage Centers, Social Clubs, Malls, Super Markets, Retail Stores, or even Hotels .. cannot survive without Music. However they surely cannot handle frequent radio ads, cuts, or repetitions of the same CD or genre all over again throughout the whole day. Updating the music database can also be a burden and a time consuming process, especially if it was assigned to the wrong person who has no expertise in Music.
Selecting music that is suitable for a specific business firm, managing and creating customized and automated music playlists that run on a time schedule, updating music databases constantly, and providing the most professional customer support is our goal.

What is it exactly ? And how does it work ?

The service we provide is an affordable, ideal, and complete music management and solution for social clubs and public business firms. Our expert team installs an advanced yet easy to use software that automates and plays prepared playlists. All you have to do is turn on the software and enjoy non stop music throughout your firm’s working hours without ads, cuts, boring repetitions, or breaks. Playlists are managed and prepared exclusively to match with your firm’s style, theme, and spirit, and are scheduled on hourly, daily, weekly rotations giving you full control over what types of music to be played at different spots of the day.

What types of Music do you provide ?

Our Music store has been know of its biggest music database in Lebanon. The team follows up with the global music releases on a daily basis, and spends hours listening, filtering, and categorizing music playlists. Music categories range from Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, Electronic, Dance, Pop, Alternative, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Blues, New Age, Classical, Nu Disco, Tech House, House, Progressive, Techno, Trance, Electro, Funk, Reggae, Oriental, World, Ethnic ....
Our Dj Booking Agency own DJs provide weekly non stop professional mixes of the latest and top charted tracks, adding to this service a unique value.
Our team pays you a visit on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, update your music datatabse folder, and provide you with neccessary maintenance.

I am interested in this service, how can i proceed ?

Since this service is offered to different social clubs and business firms, we have different offers depending on how simple or sophisticated the playlist management would be, and which version of the software to be installed. For that we suggest giving us a call or dropping us an email. Please click here to find our contact information.

What about sound system installation ?

We are official dealers for many of the top brands in the world, we can install affordable and professional sound systems for your firm. Click here to know more about this service.