Per-vurt / Music Store
Refill your iPod ? At Per-vurt Music Shop, we offer an extensive up-to-date database covering all genres, styles, and substyles. Modern, old, and futuristic sounds can be founf at Per-vurt. What makes us stand out, is that you can browse our offline database system, which includes over 300,000 CD Titles, digitally from inside our store mainframe server, in a confortable seat on the music bar, facing a 46' LCD. Our search and browse engine is one of the most sophisticated database management systems in which you can easily find what you want from the early 50s till now. Over 1.5 million tracks are listed in our digital catalog. Too Much Huh ?!

Our expertise in Electronic Dance Music has been attracting major Lebanese DJs who never failed to find what they need for their signature sound spectrum.

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Per-vurt is also a music management and solution firm, that specializes in managing playlists for social clubs, hotels, gyms, and restaurants using advanced automated software based systems. Click here to know more about this service.