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Audio Engineering & Sound For Film
Introduction to audio engineering and sound for film / Intermediate Level

"Firmly connected with the music industry, this exceptionally respected course will develop the student for the continual and consistent pursuit in todays technology that defines the industry sector and formulates the requirements for resilient and skilled audio professionals." says Jason Kaakoush the course developer and tutor.

Students will learn and acquire audio engineering methods for live and recorded sound and benefit from a deep understanding of sound theory. Whether students desire to work in post-production for film or TV, live sound, radio broadcasting, sound design, sound engineering, mastering or in one of the many different areas of the audio industry, this 360 degree experience will ensure student expertise in key areas of the music industry and will give the student the exact knowledge needed for a successful career.

Career Opportunities
Sound Designer
Studio Engineer
Live Sound Engineer
Front of House Engineer
Pro Tools Operator
Recording Engineer

Industry Sectors
Audio Production
Sound for Moving Image (TV, Film, Web)
Corporate Sound
Events & Conferences
Sound for Games
Artist Exhibition

Course Titles:

  • Sound Theory 01: Physics of Sound
  • Sound Theory 02: Psychoacoustics and The Human Ear
  • Acoustics and Room Treatment
  • Introduction To Decibels and Equalization
  • Dynamic Processing: Compression, Limiting, Gate ...
  • Effects Processing: Time-Delay Based, Amp Based, Filter Based ...
  • Introduction To Electricity and Impedance Matching
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Microphones: Condenser, Dynamic and Other
  • Microphone Directivity and Mic'ing Techniques
  • Loud Speakers and Considerations
  • Live Sound and Stage Engineering
  • Introduction to Pro-Tools
  • Introduction to Ableton Live
  • Introduction to Sound For Film
  • Production and Location Recording
  • Film Stages: Editing Dialogue, Narration, Sound Effects, and Music
  • Mixing and Aesthetics

  • What's Included:

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    Handouts, Slides, Project Files

    Fequently Asked Questions:

    1- How can i register for this course?
    Fill in the application form HERE. To ensure that your application is confirmed, a 50$ downpayment should be submitted. You can do that on location in Hamra, or by sending it via OMT
    2- What is the course schedule? When does it start?
    We give the courses on different timings (Morning, Noon, and Afternoon/Night) and group the students according to their preference. In the Application Form you mention your free schedule throughout the week, and we will enroll you with the class that fits your schedule. Usually the classes are given twice a week covering 1.5 to 2 hours per visit.
    The maximum waiting time after registration is 25 days
    3- Can i pay the course in installments?
    This Course can be paid in 2 installements. Half before start and half at session 8
    4- Is this course enough to start producing music?
    This is not a full music production course. If yo uwould like to produce music it is better to take a look at our Music Production Professional Certificate Program
    5- Where is your school located?
    We are located in Hamra, Leon Street. Click HERE for a detailed map, or Whatsapp 03733156 for Location

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    Tutor: Jason Kaakoush
    Duration: 8 Weeks
    Sessions (H): 16
    Course Fees: 800$