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Self-taught multi-instrument musician and DJ/Producer, Alex Boulos built his talent on his home piano listening to his father's compositions. He had the chance to be surrounded by a home music studio with several electronic instruments and softwares. A fascinating world to a young boy.

Alex has taken drums and piano lessons and obtained several certificates such as Digital DJing courses with G-mohris, an online electronic music producing and composing course at Berklee College of Music which is one of the most selective music universities in America, and Audio Mixing and Mastering at The Music Home. In addition, Alex attended a Music Camp in Minneapolis, USA where he recorded an album with a team of musicians. He won an international competition of piano played by ear from David Sides Playgroud Sessions when he was 13 years old.

Throughout his school years, music composing/performing/DJing was the best way for him to escape from his daily routine and as a student of Grand Lycée Franco-Libanais, Alex had a lot steam to blow. He then realized he was actually becoming more and more passionate about music as a whole and he understood the universality of that language. Alex started giving piano improvisation and Djing lessons since 2012, and has been having very positive feedback from his students. He uses his experience and passion in his syllabus in order to make it an intuitive and fun course. His motto is : "Play to learn, learn to Play"

In 2015 Per-vurt DJ School and Ecole Des Arts Ghassan Yammine launched a new Performance Course using MIDI controllers such as Ableton Push and Novation Launchpad, 2 brands that are also under the official dealership at Per-vurt Music Technology Store. This course is tutored by Alex himself!

Alex is currently giving the Ableton DJ & Live Performance Course at Per-vurt, for more details click on the course poster