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Per-vurt is a registered music business domain, located in Beirut, Lebanon, works globally. Founded and managed by Mohamad Ghebris (aka G-Mohris, Chris Rubz), the business has been the top qualified and trusted music business firm in Lebanon and the region since 2006.

About The Founder

Driven by a burning desire to see others succeed, Mhamad Ghebris' own success (under the moniker of G-Mohris) has been achieved against all odds through the lens of Lebanese civil strife and a war-torn Beirut that saw the path from child to man travelled all too rapidly. Shunning more traditional childhood gifts and pastimes in favour of an early Casio synthesiser, a passion for electronic music was thus borne from endless hours of youthful experimentation and sacrifice. Such enthusiasm ultimately led to a desire for greater immersion in a sound that was synonymous with Beirut's B018 and which saw G-Mohris' nocturnal adventures to the club that shaped his musical outlook fully rewarded.

A chance meeting with B018 resident, Fady Ferraye, in 2002, thus laid the foundations for a multi-faceted business operation which would come to define G-Mohris' rise to success. Responsible in his early years for bringing the likes of Steve Lawler, Dubfire, Marco V, Fred Baker, Leon Boiler and others to the Beirut early rising clubbing scene while he studied at the Lebanese American University, graduating at the top of his class with a distinction grade in business hospitality management and tourism, bore the hallmarks of an individual ready to make his mark in the wider music industry.

Juxtaposed against the continuing conflicts of his Lebanon homeland, a deeply held belief that inner spiritualism be fundamental to any future undertaking was key to the G-Mohris modus operandi. Having built a network of friendship and business contacts through his work with Ferraye and subsequent meeting with Markus Schulz and others, G-Mohris launched the Per-vurt Music Empire in 2006 to immediate success. Featuring in the world's media from Time Out and The Financial Times to DJ Mag and Radio One, Mix FM, Al Nahar to LBCI TV, the DJ & Music Production School, Music Store, and the Event Management Firm cemented his status as a burgeoning business entrepreneur, DJ and Producer.

Fast-forward to 2013 and G-Mohris' achievements in the music industry are unparalleled. Built upon a work ethic that places dedication and passion for his craft at its core, a one-man operation has driven G-Mohris to the highest echelons of success in a hugely challenging Middle East arena and beyond. Amongst these successes, 3 record labels (Per-vurt, Vurtical and Pink Pervs) form the basis of an impressive stable of 300 artists from across the globe. Flagship imprint, Per-vurt, recognised as one of the Proton roster's top performers, has hit the top 100 Beatport charts and Featured Releases on almost all releases, launched a remix competition in conjunction with globally renowned Moonbeam Digital and produced a top 10 rated Proton Radio show “Per-vurt Sessions”. G-Mohris himself has been responsible for over 30 productions on both Per-vurt, Vurtical, Baroque and other labels while support from DJ glitterati as diverse as Hernan Cattaneo, Markus Schulz, Sasha, Nick Warren, Armin Van Buuren, Dave Seaman, Guy J, Paul Oakenfold and Mark Knight, highlight the labels' growing credibility as licensing deals with Hope, Global Underground, and Armada extend their global reach.

The increasing expansion of a successful business empire has been a continuing theme throughout G-Mohris' notable career ascent but always with the aim of providing a greater good for the music industry as a whole and helping the fledgling DJs and producers found within his musical family. Launching a business built around the premise of helping both new and established DJs and producers, G-Mohris has created a 'one stop shop' that provides expert advice on every aspect of the music industry as well as authorised and exclusive dealer for such leading brands as Native Instruments, Ableton, Novation, Dynaudio, Focal, M-Audio, Ik Multimedia and Pioneer. Friend and confidante to Lebanon's top DJs, G-Mohris's music technology store represents a place where artists can gain access to the latest technology in an informal atmosphere as well as achieving support and advice.

A DJ agency and promotions company is the final component in an ever-expanding business portfolio. A fully stocked DJ room allows students from the Per-vurt school to practice their trade, record sets, learn the art of music production and potentially sign music on the different labels. Moreover, G-Mohris has been responsible for providing a number of upcoming and talented DJs to the International and local Lebanese music scene in addition to providing music solutions for a wide range of local clubs, gyms and coffee shops.

Moving back into the world of DJ'ing in 2013 has provided G-Mohris with an arena in which to extend his musical influence over the club-going masses. Under a second alias, Chris Rubz, G-Mohris is able to diversify from progressive deep and tech house into techno and nudisco as he takes his guest spot at Club B018 after an invitation from resident DJs Ziad Ghosn and Stamina to play alongside them. The same year witnessed the launch of Per-vurt Records Label Nights, a series of events featuring the label’s finest DJs and Producers, celebrating 400 releases on the label’s imprint. The very first Label Night presented to the Lebanese Scene a great DJ and Producer from Turkey Sezer Uysal, Big Al, and more!

In 2015 G-Mohris expanded his business and signed with the world’s leading Dj & Studio brands such as AkaiPro, Roland, and MOOG Music. In the same year, he took his record labels to a new level, keeping a constant top 100 rank for the releases, and adding more quality artists to the roster that reached 300+ producers from all over the world. G-Mohris launched his completely renovated studio and dj & music production school, this resulted in him giving more time for his productions and therefore leading to the release of his debut artist album “Dunya” on CD and Digital. The album got into the top 100 world progressive house chart and stayed at #58 for 3 weeks.The same year witnessed the biggest achievement in his production career as he signed his single “Empty Space” on John Digweed’s label Bedrock for the “Underground Sound of Ibiza Vol.3 ” CDs and Digital ranking #1 Chillout, #2 Techno, #2 TechHouse, and #6 All Genre world charts. Soon after this big news, G-Mohris got booked to play the Festival of Colors World Tour Beirut Edition.

A career built upon over a decade's experience in the cutthroat music industry, G-Mohris has emerged victorious as his business and personal growth continue to develop at rapid pace. Through his range of 3 well established Record Labels, 10 websites, DJ & Music Production School, Event Management Firm, Graphic Design Company, DJ Room, Recording Studio, DJ Booking Agency, Radio Show, Corporate Music Management & Solution Firm and an ever-evolving Music Technology Store, success has never been taken for granted. However, this success plus the respect and support of his peers and the hope that other aspiring entrepreneurs and producers can learn from his experience, are the motivations that drive G-Mohris relentlessly forwards and thus form the core of G-Mohris' single-man assault on the music industry.

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About Per-vurt:

The DJ & Music Production School:
Per-vurt is the only registered DJ School in Lebanon, supported by the top DJs of Lebanon, and noticed by the biggest press media (LBC, Future TV, Mix FM, Radio One, NRJ, Time Out, Al Nahar, L’Orient Le jour, DJ Mag, The Financial Times, Tagged, Trashed, Academics, …)
Per-vurt Music Production School is the only school in Lebanon and the region that teaches Electronic Dance Music Production with all its sub styles. The School is managed by G-Mohris who is the owner and manager of one of the most respected progressive house labels in the world, and who is an established producer with tens of releases worldwide. Click HERE to check the Press Media.

The Record Labels:
Per-vurt Records is the biggest digital record label in the Middle East doing progressive house, and is one of the selected labels in the world by the world’s biggest trance label, Armada (Armin Van Buuren’s Label). Per-vurt Records has signed more than 10 licensing agreements with Armada, Hope, GU, Proton, Cancun, …). Releases on Per-vurt Records hit the official top 100 charts more than 5 times, and were charted and supported and played by the biggest DJs in the world (Armin Van Buuren, Markus Schulz, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Gareth Emergy, Mark Knight, Thomas Gold, Sander Kleinenberg…). Per-vurt is the sister label of Vurtical Records, and Pink Pervs, both owned by the Per-vurt Group. Per-vurt Records was named “The Fastest Growing Progressive House Label”. Click HERE to check the support on the label.

The Music Technology Store:
Per-vurt Music Technology Store is an official and authorized dealer for the biggest Dj and Production brands in the world (Native Instruments, Avid, M-Audio, Novation, Pioneer, sE, Ableton, and More…). The store has been named “The Most Qualified DJ & Production Store in Lebanon” by most top DJs of Lebanon. The store also offers a unique service called Pimp My Pc, through which the producers can bring in their PC, and take it back as a Digital Audio Workstation, filled with VSTs, and Samples.

The Event Management House:
Per-vurt Productions and event management managed to promote, manage, and launch many of the top successful international Dj events in Lebanon such as Fred Baker, Greg Nash, Leon Bolier, joop, Marco V, Dubfire, Steve Lawler… Per-vurt also offers Sound & Light System rental services for all sorts of occasions.

The Dj Agency:
Per-vurt DJ Agency manages a series of Lebanese Djs who already graduated from the Per-vurt School with advanced courses. The agency takes over bars, pubs, clubs, and resort venues offering professional DJs and performers.

The Recording Studio:
Per-vurt Recording Studio is known to be the hottest and coziest and most friendly studio in town. The studio welcomed many of the world’s stars such as Jes (Motorcycle), EMI, Tonye Aganaba, and many others… The Studio offers services such as Mastering, Recording, Mixing, and Voice Over & Jingle Production. Click HERE to check the visitors of the recording studio.

The Dj Room:
Per-vurt Dj Room, is the only Dj room in Lebanon available for DJs who want to practice, record their live mixes, and/or play with friends. The isolated and fully equipped DJ Room is a dream come true to all the DJs who don’t own a DJ set or can’t play out loud.

The Graphic Design Company:
Per-vurt Graphic Design Company is another line under the business, designing party flyers and posters, dj business cards, dj slides, logos, event tickets, brochures, banners, cd covers, digital Ep covers, and other music related design work that you can check HERE.

The CD Shop:
Per-vurt CD Shop has been attracting many of the best Djs in Lebanon, where they can find what they best need for their music library. The CD Shop also deals with all genres and styles, with a massive digital catalog listing more than 1.5 million tracks, and over 300,000 album titles.

The Radio Show:
Per-vurt Sessions is a radio show hosted by G-Mohris on Proton Radio (L.A). The show has been supported by thousands of listeners around the world since 2010. G-Mohris chose to play only Promos sent to him by his fellow label managers and artist as an act of respect and appreciation.  

The Corporate Music Management & Solution:
Per-vurt Corporate Music Management and Solution line is the latest expansion in the business. It is a music playlist management for social clubs, bar, gyms, restaurants, hotels, and others… Our digital software runs and automates playlists for different genres, ages, locations, occasions, and systems.

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